Things to do in Porterville


Note that many Porterville places allow day visitors access, some for a small fee:

Tennis - Setiaan Visser - 083 959 7638 - Tennis Courts just off Park Street.

Golf - Golf Club go down Malan street from Buitengracht street - 022 931 2017.

Ponie rides / Tractor rides at the Farmer's Market - 084 049 5757.

Lawn Bowling - Willem Odendaal - 071 870 1035 - behind tennis courts just off Park Street.

Mountain Biking at Watervalle Campsite - 082 878 1358 read more >

Hiking up the mountain past the 23 Waterfalls or hiking along mountain bike routes - at Watervalle Campsite - 082 878 1358 read more >

Karate - JKA Karate - 022 931 2138 or 081 270 8993.

Paragliding & Hang-gliding - shuttle service for flyers to Dasklip Pass - Flyer's Lodge - 022 931 3416.


Outrides on Horseback - book an outride with Julia Valentine - 083 702 3576.

Enjoy the View - Drive up Dasklip Pass and enjoy the view and watch Paragliders and hang-gliders launch.

Farm Animals - at Watervalle Campsite - 082 878 1358 read more >


Jan Danckaert Museum - corner of Mark and Du Toit street - 022 931 3528.

Steve Micro Greens - 14a Rose street - 022 931 3209 - read more >

Jewelery Making workshops at Ebonymoon - Du Toit street - 084 531 4506 - read more >

Visit our Local Artists by appointment - local artists list > with biographies and contact details.

Bird watching The endangered blue crane are often spotted in large numbers. If you’re lucky you may spot a pair doing their elaborate courting dance routine. Keep a look out for these gracious birds who frequent the wheat fields surrounding town. Regular sightings of the booted and Verreux’s Eagle are recorded on the mountain.

Rock Art Originally the region was inhabited by the San (Bushmen) centuries before the arrival of the Dutch Settlers and the mountains in the region contain numerous rock art sites. Rock art is protected by the National Monuments Act (1969) and vandals who deface rock paintings face high fines. Therefore most of the sites, now located on private land, are not open to the public. Examples of some of the rock art is on exhibit in the Jan Danckaert Museum in town. For the more energetic, as reaching these sites often include strenuous activity, the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness area offers some remarkable examples of San and Khoi rock art. These paintings, found in rocky overhangs and caves, vary between 300 and 6 000 years.

Beaverlac also has several caves on the farm, some of which are decorated with paintings. Access to these are only permitted if accompanied by a guide.

Farmer's Market - every Saturday at Houdconstant Farm - down Basson street past the school - 084 049 5757 - read more >

Fishing - Bass fishing at Watervalle Campsite - 082 878 1358 read more >

Visit the Porterville Tourism website > for more activity ideas in and around Porterville.