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The information below has been prepared by Agrisell Porterville for use by sellers and buyers of property in Porterville.

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Market Analysis

In 2016: 29 properties were sold in Porterville with an average property price of R764 879 per property.
The average house price for 2016 was R808 944.

In 2017: 41 properties were sold in Porterville with an average property price of R830 949 per property (homes and plots included). The average house price for for 2017 was R982 391. The 2017 sales figures take into account all properties sold in 2017 transferred to new owners by end March 2018.

Below find all the properties that have been sold and transferred to new owners for 2016 and 2017. Each property sold is shown with a photograph, address, selling price and date sold. Buyers and sellers of property in Porterville can use this as a handy guide to determine current market value for a property. We have also not shown or added properties to our calculations that have been sold through forced sales (auctions) or properties sold far below market value.

2016 Porterville properties sold 2016 click pdf to view

2017 Porterville properties sold 2017 click pdf to view

2018 Porterville properties sold

2018 click pdf to view

Property Transfer Process Explained

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Move into Town List

Handy list for new occupiers of property in Porterville to follow:

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1. Contact Clayton on 022 931 2100 at the Porterville Municipality to connect your municipal services to your home or visit them in Mark Street.

2. Apply to Telkom to have your telephone installed click here for the form > and submit it online or deliver it by hand to a Telkom shop in Worcester or Cape Town ( Tygervalley or Canal Walk).

3. Wireless Internet Services: Breedenet > contact Peter Dorrington 083 630 8217 in Porterville if you want to have wireless internet services installed at your home or on your farm. Another operator you can contact is Gerald Schutte of Trusc > on 087 020 000.

4. Get your car number plates changed to Porterville (CEX). Phone 022 931 2100 and ask the Traffic Department for the requirements. Visit the Traffic Department on the corner of Jakaranda & Lang street in Monte Bertha, Porterville. Contact Laubscher's Nissan to have your new number plates made for information phone Willem on 083 603 3778 or visit them on the corner of Mark street & Voortrekker Road in Porterville. 

5. Get your home & car insured with Danie Gouws 022 931 2554 / 083 331 5438 or visit them on the corner of Frank & Theron street.

6. Go shopping for food at our local OK or Spar shops in the main road and shop for hardware items at our local AgriMark (Buitengracht street) or Overberg Agri (as you enter Porterville from Gouda on your left).

7. Relax and get something to eat and drink - view your options here >.